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It features high customization with low configuration.Features include date ranges, unix timestamps, timezones, date utility methods, and more.I know it may sound odd to suggest a manager doesn’t realize how he or she is affecting their employees, but if - because of the power imbalance - no one comes forward in a respectful and honest way to make the manager aware, a manager may never know how their employees are being affected by their actions. Keep this in mind when you are experiencing conflict with anyone in your life whether it is at home or on the job or with friends.

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Intimidating principals

It is important for companies to make certain that their managers and supervisors have and use the leadership skills to do the job they are hired to do above and beyond their technical expertise.

This requires follow-up by HR and a manager/senior manager to ensure new supervisors and managers are successfully managing their people.

Sometimes, even when employees love their job and have great relationships with their co-workers, it isn't enough.

They still experience higher than necessary levels work-place stress which erodes and performance. In a situation with a supervisor or manager, there is, quite often, an imbalance of power that may be taken advantage of but shouldn't be.

Most successful compositions achieve balance in one of two ways: symmetrically or asymmetrically.