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Not everyone can take a risk and have it pay off so well, but it’s at least important to acknowledge that conventional wisdom and focus groups (what “everyone” knows) would have doomed Nintendo.

The trick is being able to tell when you’ve got an idea that is truly special, and not just something you are clinging on to out of a stubbornness to be different.

Sometimes, when my husband and I are too busy cleaning, cooking or running around the house, we cave in. And when Rachel asked to go online because a boy was rumoured to have invited her to his lunch table, or Seth wanted to make plans on Skype rather than by phone, it was hard to say no.

I finished XCOM for i OS last night and have a few more things to round out my notes.

Tiny Wings is a good example, as are Wurdle, Canabalt, Flight Control, and Strategery The games I was buying were priced to match their complexity—usually $1 or $2—and they were easy to pick up and put down.