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I got very drunk at a going away party just before I deployed to Afghanistan.Because I was deployed, I had to wait nine months to get diagnosed and treated; it was kinda rough mentally – more so than physically. The HPV will probably clear up on its own, and as for the HSV, it’s an inconvenient skin condition, not death, social ruin, or otherwise.

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Pap smears catch HPV early.(GETTY IMAGES)HPV, herpes, and chlamydia are the sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) for which sexually active people are most at risk.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)The good news about HPV is that most of the roughly 100 strains are pretty harmless; only about 30 are sexually transmitted and just a few cause cervical cancer.

Women who get regular Pap smears detect precancerous cells early while it's still easy to treat.

Herpes Herpes is a painful, recurrent infection for only a small minority of those infected.

Don’t let it get to you.’ I was dating someone when I was diagnosed who was HSV2 positive themselves, but they didn’t tell me until after we had broken up.