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Since the launch of the M9, we've seen the update of the One M8 to Sense 7.0, along with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and we've updated this feature to cover all bases for Sense 7.The big change here is supporting Flex Storage, which we'll talk about below.

htc not updating push pages-86

I've been following this instructions: So far I've created the local repo and pushed it to Git Hub, but, whatever change I do, I can see it in my repo at Git Hub but NOT in my Git Hub page. , the Git Hub Pages page is missing or not getting updated.

Even if I commit more changes to the branch and push it again, it won't update on Git Hub pages.

To ensure that your phone is always connected to the Google Cloud Messaging service (or , for short), a heartbeat exchange is used.

Think of this like your phone occasionally asking GCM Push, "Hey, are you still there?

Ever feel like you're receiving notifications way too late on your Android device?