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Just because your Indian dating experience is far from that, there are likely some expectations about gender roles and the progression of a dating relationship. Should the man be asking the woman’s father for permission to date her?

These texts also contain stories of Shiva as a yogi, dweller in cremation grounds, husband to the goddess Learn more »"without form.

In the other, Shiva takes form and can be embodied, seen, and interacted with on Earth.

In the , Shiva was understood as the deity Rudra, "the howler," a lesser but feared god who is connected to the wild, uncontrollable aspects of animals and nature.

Between 300 and 700 CE, a new understanding of Shiva emerged from texts called the describes Shiva as performing two critical and interconnecting roles as the destroyer and the creator, periodically destroying the universe so that it can be remade again.

While it may not be for all and love marriages in India are not unheard of or a rare sighting by any means…arranged marriages aren’t necessarily a bad thing either!