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There is no news yet on who the mystery man was, but general consensus on the internet is that he was trying to make a move on Kourtney.

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worth dating is in a serious relationship or married—but that just isn’t the case.

It’s not even a matter of lowering your standards—some of the most eligible men in the world have resisted settling down for a variety of reasons, from their obscenely busy schedules to messy, high profile breakups.

American actress best known for playing Claire Bennet on the television series Heroes and Juliette Barnes on Nashville. In Teen Hollywood (Sep 2007) she said "I'm five foot two so any weight that I gain, you can see it".

She said during her pregnancy, that her weight varied a considerable amount: "I started out at 106 pounds and guess how much I weigh now?

However, there have been no official statements made from either of their camps—so it's fair game.

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    I define it as the purgatory between friends with benefits and a committed relationship.

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    They’ve only been dating for a couple of months, but judging from photos of a recent holiday together with their children, it seems Fifi Box and her new boyfriend Damien Richardson are set to take their budding relationship to the next level.

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    But rising above everything that he did was a sense of duty that he should not waste this opportunity to succeed.