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Unlike hard rubber, which can only be produced in drab black or red, Radite can be made in many colorful colors in wild swirling patterns. For modern collectors, one unfortunate and unanticipated flaw in Radite was that the gases that were slowly released by rubber ink sacs discolored the beautiful plastic from the inside.

The lever fill system proved to be popular and was eventually adopted by most of the major manufacturers in various slightly different forms designed to exploit loopholes in Sheaffer's patent.

In the early years, the styling of Sheaffer pens was similar to most other manufacturers.

They were far more expensive than competing pens (and Sheaffer's own non-Lifetime pens) but proved to be popular anyway.

In 1924, Sheaffer introduced pens made from "Radite" (an early modern plastic), also known as celluloid or cellulose nitrate.

The word tumulus is Latin for 'mound' or 'small hill', which is derived from the Proto-Indo-European root *teuh The funeral of Patroclus is described in book 23 of the Iliad.