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From battles that cost $US300,000 (6,368) in damages to histories so complex that a book was written about them, the long running MMO can get very serious.Now, a personal disagreement has led to a hefty bounty.The latter was banned from the Hard Knocks public channel and gave Noob Man his contact information so they could sort the matter out, later alleging that his phone number was distributed to other Hard Knocks members who then called to harass him.

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In a Reddit post, user holder2k has offered $US75,000 ($99,092) for the eviction of Hard Knocks Inc. The money will be paid through Paypal and will be split between the number of participants in the operation if it is successful. Hard Knocks owns a devastating Keepstar citadel, a huge space station with a massive laser weapon that can turn entire fleets into scrap.

Keepstars are valued at around $US15,000 ($19,818).

They also pack a potent super weapon that’s particularly dangerous to larger capital ships.

This was the first fully operational Keepstar to be taken down in You can watch the whole battle on the official Twitch stream here, but we’ve snagged the big boom that comes at the 1 hour, 40 minute mark in the clip above.

The Scope – Circle-Of-Two Prepare For Defense Of M-OEE8 Keepstar This weekend is set to see one of the largest engagements of independent capsuleers in the history of New Eden as Circle-Of-Two and their allies look to defend a Keepstar class citadel against an attacking force that numbers in the thousands.

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