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To try and understand I browsed various articles, but the real revelations occurred when I went and bought the book "The Highly Sensitive Person" by psychologist Elaine Aron. Taylor would always jump at the sound of a abrupt noise, whereas I would not flinch.

I wasn't a fan of the book's title - it sounds condescending almost - but I couldn't find anything on Amazon titled "empath". As far as I am concerned the expression "Highly Sensitive Person" (HSP) and empath are synonymous. She could get unbearably uncomfortable in loud crowded rooms, unless the energy of the room was good. That was pretty cool, but hey - it wasn't without it's challenges!

Her touch, her dance and her way with words I found electrical. Although no longer dating, I openly regard her as someone I love as a human as she has become a best friend.

“Highly sensitive people are too often perceived as weaklings or damaged goods.

To feel intensely is not a symptom of weakness, it is the trademark of the truly alive and compassionate.

One thing that can be said about the narcissist is that they constantly try to seek validation from other people.

A lot of people who become narcissistic usually experience painful events during their childhood that eventually lead to their constant need to seek validation. They have the ability to sense if there is any person who is suffering from any type of pain.

While many people believe that everyone has some degree of psychic ability, this skill set can take a number of different forms.

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