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, this week’s movie at the San Francisco Alliance Française, focuses on the relationship which develops, in wartime Paris, between a young pianist and her employer, a famed opera singer.

Based on the novel by Nina Berberova, the film is directed by Claude Miller, and stars Romane Bohringer, Elena Safonova and Richard Bohringer (the Bohringers are father and daughter).

Newspapers all over the world had made much of the mystery of Ambrose Bierce.

But what could the disappearance of one Ambrose, in Texas, have to do with the disappearance of another Ambrose, in Canada? There was in these questions an appearance of childishness that attracted my respectful attention.” — Charles Fort, Wild Talents (1932) The Accompanist can be viewed as a producer’s film, as a writer-director’s film, and as a quintessentially French film.

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