E71 clock screensaver not updating

The Mall of America has over hundreds of stores so you can imagine why you need help getting around the place.

I do not live near there so I can’t help Paul test out his application in real-life situations.

Intelligent contact manager AND calendar - fast very efficient and most useful as compared to any 'new' smartphone! Cause you are so awesome with your $6 stock price right? Good thing it reboots in 10 seconds, almost fully in 15 seconds!

Very intelligent navigation - when done in one app such as looking at a calendar event by pressing calendar key inside of contacts, it will take you back to where you were - in the contact! (almost like they knew it has to reboot fast) haha It's everything my Nokia E71 was except better!

Main reasons this phone is the most useful: Speed - menus are almost instant! Has almost all the google software as separate apps like maps and email!! nearly all touch buttons are intelligently sized and positioned! No high speed data 'tax' (ie blackberry plan etc)Yes, I have it on my phoneweb plan for $10!