Dns dynamically updating bind

dns dynamically updating bind-74

authoritative; # Use this to send dhcp log messages to a different log file (you also # have to hack to complete the redirection). I don’t think that they are that bad and personally I don’t have any problem editing them after that bind has rewritten them.

I’m not sure how often that bind rewrites these files, but at least it seems to always happen when you stop the bind service.

Edit: BIND 9.9.5/Ubuntu 14.04 but it happened on previous versions of both Ubuntu and BIND. As requested by Andrew B, here's the redacted (and partial) zone: $ORIGIN . If there are zones with the same name in different views this is just a coincidence, they are still entirely separate zones, no more related than any other zones.

Having multiple separate zones use the same zone file does not work in situations where bind is updating the zone contents on its own (slave zones, zones with dynamic updates, etc).

I'd like to avoid having to "rndc freeze && rndc thaw" for fear of missing a dynamic update from the DHCP server.