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D2Multi Res installation is notoriously finicky, especially when trying to use it alongside other tools.

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When clicking "Install Diablo III" I get this error: "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (playonlinux) isn't associated with any program." Do I need to do something first? My only option is that its a Linux problem but for the life of me I can't figure out why. I'm still very much a newb, so I am only comfortably familiar with install rpm files. it is installing at the moment and i am on the way to updateing the file. But now im having same problem described by Evil Monkey and Mark.

Also, I don't have a 1.5.3-Diablo III to select, only a 1.5.4-Diablo III, see screenshot: Got my Diablo 3 CE, but after waiting for over 9 hours for the "Updating setup files' i gave up for today... The install folder is again my ubuntu home that works now i am in the game but i cant press the login button? before i started diablo 3 said my computer is not good enough can i because of that not login to the battlenet? When i try to login it stucks on "authenticating credentials" and after some minutes its shows error 3007 - Conection lost.

If you are running a Windows version later than 7 it's recommended to install the game outside the "Program Files" directory.

Something like "C:\Games\Diablo II", for example, should work fine.

Diablo III will block certain systems running the game if it does not detect a certain spec of video card.

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