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Directed by Blair Witch and The Guest's Adam Wingard, Death Note will be available to stream on Netflix on August 25, the first teaser for the movie confirms.

The trailer offers a brief introduction to the film's main characters — Light (Paper Towns' Nat Wolff), L (Get Out's La Keith Stanfield), and Mia (The Leftovers' Margaret Qualley) — while also debuting the first voiceover from Willem Dafoe, who plays the Shinigami Ryuk.

The abominable masters of Barbarus were somehow able to enslave or dominate the flesh of the dead, and they preyed upon the cringing natives in the valleys below, ever needful of raw material to fuel the endless wars they fought against one another.

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The Death Guard are a Traitor Legion entirely steeped in the power of Nurgle, the God of Death and Plagues, their very essence the epitome of all that vile Chaos God stands for.

Their bodies are hives of filth and decay, their flesh eternally rotting away even as it is renewed by the ceaseless process of death and rebirth.

All other loved ones are also mourned, but the observances of shiva do not apply.