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Stefani was on hand as Apollo and his classmates finger-painted, sang "Go Bananas," ate cupcakes and broke into a Captain America pinata.

She later thanked a fan on Twitter for wishing her son a happy birthday. "[Zuma] walked me on and off the stage every single night ... It was way more incredible than I could have ever imagined." Stefani and Rossdale split in 2015 after nearly 12 years of marriage.

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Born Nicole Mary Kidman on June 20, 1967, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nicole Kidman is one of Hollywood's most beautiful and well-regarded leading female stars.

At age 4 she moved with her parents to Sydney, Australia.

Bill Crutchfield has served as the personal trainer to many country music artists including Miranda Lambert.

She said to SELF magazine on her workout – When she is on a tour, she needs such an exercise which can be done without any gym. When on tour, she is able to maintain her figure by eating right.

"Thank u for this b day wish for my little boy Apollo gx," she wrote.