Dating your therapist

This booklet offers guidance and resources for consumers.

If you had brain cancer, would you date a neurologist?

3- Therapy is still taboo I often hear people saying things like: “Wait, I am not that crazy to go to therapy!

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What I say is interview as many therapists over the phone before you pick one. Because they might simply not be the good therapist for you.

Make a list of what you want in a therapist, it will help you during the selection process. Do you feel more comfortable with a woman of color? What about time or price range you are willing to commit?

Would you sleep with a chiropractor to ease your chronic back pain?

Well, around my 20th birthday, I was hit with a sudden onset of crippling depression and anxiety.

The point of interviews is for the subject to talk, of course, but in the post-TMZ world, celebrities are typically buttoned-up, with strategically planned answers to potential questions and a handler nearby to step in if the client feels uncomfortable or is saying too much. Later he explained his sexual style, saying, “It’s all about geometry.