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However the management of the organization have expressed a growing concern that is being felt regarding the 10 year old computer systems that are currently being relied upon and the negative affect that such outdated systems are having on the companies' competitive advantage and market share within the UK.

This essay will therefore seek to assess the value and importance of the computer system with regards to the competitive advantage of the company, the company culture, and the overall productivity of the organization.

It is thus recommended that Valentinos update their current systems hastily before any inevitable issues occur that would threaten their competitive position and their ability to capitalize upon the positive growth trends of their operative market.

The Valentinos Personal Introductions Agency is a well-established company that has been operating within the UK market since 1976 and with over 8 million single men and women in the UK between the ages of 18 and 64, and often living without the opportunity to meet potential partners, the company has been very successful.

What if there was an analysis tool that helped to shine a spotlight on all the critical aspects of a company’s situation so that an intelligent, focused direct mail program can be developed? By performing a SWOT analysis of your business and marketing strategies, you can: By targeting this analysis on your direct marketing campaign(s), you can discover ways to save money in producing the campaign, create a more effective program, and overall build your profits and your business more quickly.