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The earliest documented dolls go back to the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome.The use of dolls as toys was documented in Greece around 100 AD. Believe it or not, according to Jewish thought and tradition, you don't have to search far for the answers. The answers to these and all the other questions you may ask are closer than you think. According to the Talmud, before we were born, when we were safely ensconced in the comfort of the womb, we all had access to the ultimate search engine.

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Is life pre-ordained or do I determine what happens to me?

So allowing us to keep the knowledge we learned in the womb would surely not be in our best interests.

Gnawing at us…reminding us that we are not really at peace. That is how all human beings receive that small indentation in the skin beneath their noses, anatomically known as the "philtrum." "Strange story," you say. However, if we believe in God (and four out of five people say they do believe in some kind of deity), trusting that He would have some kind of ministering work corps is certainly not very far removed. Why bother to teach us everything, only to erase our memory chip immediately afterwards?

But more often than not, the questions come with us. God dispatches a personal angel to each and every soul in utero, who sits besides each and every one of us, and actually teaches us all the wisdom we will ever need to know on this planet. And then…just before we are born…the angel gives us a little "tap" between the nose and the upper lip and everything he taught is immediately forgotten. And secondly, why would God send an angel to teach us everything we need to know, only to instruct him to then make us forget everything he just taught us? Proving the existence of angels is not an easy chore, nor is it the purpose of this book.

It made Cotter think of her mother and how they watched Shirley Temple movies together.