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While quite similar to events held the world over in terms of food, music and extravagant outfits, there are marked differences as well.For starters, there are no private sponsors or vendors. One of the landmark moments for Cuba’s long overdue cultural shift was the release of the 1993 Oscar-nominated Fresa y Chocolate.President Barack Obama and his family toured iconic places in Old Havana on Sunday, including Havana's Cathedral, Plaza de Armas and Edificio Capitanes y Generales, Cuba's former seat of government in colonial times.

Although shepherded by an American, the group benefits immensely from a local Cuban guide who leads them from start to finish.

The trip begins in Miami, where those bound for Cuba board an American Airlines charter flight.

Some of them have served long prison sentences, and at least one is known for frequent hunger strikes. There’s communication between him and Raúl, and that’s fundamental,” he added, referring to Raúl Castro, Cuba’s leader. Obama may have left key issues out of his speech — how money corrupts American elections, for example — but he mentioned a variety of topics that mattered to the Cuban people.

Here is a list of those rights activists and opposition leaders who met with Mr. His words came across as a sincere and humble sermon, even to a 77-year-old die-hard Communist like Mr. “Social justice was sown here, and Obama has that — the human side.” Mr.

President Calvin Coolidge, second from left, and his wife, Grace, second from right, with the President of Cuba General Gerardo Machado y Morales, right, and his wife, Elvira Machado, left, on the estate of President Machado in Havana on Jan. Will cannons boom from Havana Harbor in salute of President Obama, and will thousands of colorfully dressed Cubans throng the streets of the capital on Sunday to shower him with roses?