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Had we been as diligent in our search years ago as we have been recently, we might have acquired many interesting and valuable examples of a variety of Old Plate at considerably less cost and less trouble than is possible to-day, when collectors are increasing in number and voracity, and when everything that is worth having has become very rare and expensive.

Of late years we have devoted a large portion of our time to this hobby.

William Blackwood, the great publisher, was always anxious to get able men to write articles for his magazine.

Quite a number of our friends and others have expressed great surprise at the idea of our writing and publishing books on such rare and complicated questions.

Charles ll,as one of his many methods of aquiring wealth without recourse to Parliament ,took to annexing the silver of his nobles,who tended to replace it with pewter, rather than risk losing the replacements the next time the King came to dinner.