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9 in a two-engined Russian bomber, crash-landed at Hoersching air base near Linz.

They refused eject to safety and were both killed in the crash. Speculation that one of the crew was attempting to defect to the west and as a result the pilot was shot by the navigator.

I finished soldering last nite at around , plugged in my test tubes, hooked up a speaker and a portable cd player and.... So now its working very well, although the hum is a little higher than the PSUDII predicted 8.4m V; this problem will soon be corrected when i change the 5H choke to a 15H.

In addition, after hooking it up with the proper components (Cambridge Audio D500-SE, and Boston Acoustic VR-975 Lynnfield Speakers) and plugging in the right tubes (all NOS, JAN Phillips 5691, Sylvania 6A3's, and JAN Sylvania 5U4G) I was blown away by the sound, so transparent, so smooth, now I know what all the hype is about DHT triodes. * What are the two knobs on top - the hum trimpots? * Could you post some pictures of the wiring inside?

August 31, 1949, Wednesday Page 11, 179 words The Russian airmen, Lieut. Several versions of the events surrounding the loss of the aircraft exist. The two Soviet crew deliberately ignored an instruction to crash land fearing that it would cause many civilian fatalities.

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