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In May 2015, I bought a 4-year old blog on with some Ad Sense revenue and redesigned it and relaunched it. I started working on this stream towards the end of June 2015, and it’s currently the biggest source of my passive income. With this idea, you research products that are selling well on Amazon, source them from manufacturers and resell at a profit.

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RIT (Residual Income Tax) RIT is the amount of tax you have to pay on your income less any taxes already deducted at source (i.e.

PAYE deducted from wages or RWT deducted from interest).

A charge for borrowing money that accrues on a credit card account between the date the bill is issued and the date the cardholder pays the bill.

Residual interest, also called "trailing interest," is only charged to consumers who carry a balance from month to month.2.

Residual interest functions much like common shares in that preferred shareholders receive all required dividends before any amount remaining is divided among common shareholders.