Dating chinese cash coins

The high quality of the coins and excellent calligraphy set a standard for Chinese coins for the next 1000 years!

Evaluation is the process of checking the condition of the coin.

Pricing refers to the step wherein a probable market price is set on the coin.

Before we proceed with the actual appraisal, it is essential that you understand the three factors that shapes the value of Chinese coins – Condition, Rarity and Demand. It is defined by the coin’s grade, luster, amount of wear, make and overall appeal.

Rarity is a measure of how many samples are in existence for a certain type of coin. Identification The first step in identifying the coin is to determine its age.

If you were to write these characters on one line you would write them from as: 康熙通寶 (This particular coin, incidentally, has a very interesting history which is discussed at Ancient Chinese Coins with Charm Features.) In the vast majority of cases, the character at the top and bottom refer to the "period title" (熙) of the Qing Dynasty.

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