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We have joined forces with Staffordshire Women's Aid again to launch phase 2 of this campaign, which raises awareness of dating abuse and challenges abusive behaviour.Statistics show that dating abuse is taking place across the District amongst young people in teenage relationships; however it is extremely under reported.

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Johnny Canuck is a Canadian cartoon hero and superhero that was created as a political cartoon in 1869 and was later re-invented, most notably as a Second World War action hero in 1942.

The Vancouver Canucks, a professional ice hockey team in the National Hockey League (NHL), currently use a lumberjack rendition of Johnny Canuck as one of their team logos. He first appeared in early political cartoons dating to 1869 where he was portrayed as a younger cousin of the United States' Uncle Sam and Britain's John Bull.

Types of dating abuse include: psychological, emotional, sexual, physical and controlling behaviour.