Dating a cop

If you are attracted by the official uniform and find police officers attractive, then you must know that a relationship with one is slightly different than a normal one.

Dating a cop may seem easy, but before you hit the road together, you should know a thing or two: Usually, the uniform comes together with 2 sets of handcuffs, a bulletproof vest and a gun.

Dating a cop

Although you are proud of your accomplishment, the mob leader casually whispers that he plans to murder your entire family if he ever gets out (yup, this happens).

Think “Cape Fear” or “Goodfellas.” Although the possibility of this ever happening is slim to none, you wouldn’t take chances.

Fighting crime is not a fixed schedule job, so you should expect sudden meetings or emergencies appearing and ruining your plans for the night.

Even more so, if they arrive late at home, probably they will be tired and will want to take a nap or relax instead of going out with you.

For one she feels like she has nothing to offer a man.