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Its earliest tools included items such as hand-forged chisels and punches, intended primarily for the plumbing and building trades. After the death of John Pendleton in 1922, he was succeeded as partner and manager by his son, Morris B. During the 1920s Plomb expanded into the automotive tools market, and its first catalogs were published in the mid 1920s.Relatively little is known of this phase of Plomb's history, as the type of tools produced tended to wear out with use, and may not have been even marked for identification. By the late 1920s the company was advertising in some of the popular periodicals of the time, probably in order to broaden its customer base.

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Appellant has appealed, claiming: (1) the evidence did not support the juvenile court's finding that he violated Penal Code section 29610; (2) the trial court erred in admitting incriminating photographs over his objection on the ground they were not properly authenticated; (3) the trial court erred in allowing a police officer to give expert testimony about the make and model of the recovered firearms without first qualifying him as an expert; and (4) the court omitted required information about the maximum term of confinement and custody credits from the dispositional order.

In the published portion of this opinion we apply our Supreme Court's recent guidance on authentication of electronic evidence in People v.

This page will look briefly at the company's history, and then show some examples of the many tools produced by Plomb.

The Plomb Tool Company had its beginning in 1907 as a small blacksmith shop in Los Angeles, operated by partners Charles Williams, Jacob Weninger, and Alphonse Plomb.

By 1917 Alphonse Plomb had left Plomb Tool to go into business for himself, and in 1917 C. For example, an ad in the December 1928 issue of shows a Plomb Hand-Forged Screw Driver on page 90 at the left.