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So if you’re looking for an affordable and novel three-in-one getaway without the congestion, we’ve compiled the best 15 things to do in these two destinations in the Liaoning Province that will make you totally rethink what you know of China!

And what’s best, Scoot can now fly you to Shenyang and Dalian from as low as $206!

The 3 factors that make up a perfect getaway are: chill vibes, good food, and of course, cheap shopping.

I can’t say I expected to find those things in China.

From our culture I am very family orientated and caring to our parents and family`s . I like all the beautiful things in life, and I enjoy very much to make people around me feel happy.

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    We might spend our weekends at a gig, or even at an art exhibition – but the museum? The building itself, first completed in 1963, has a story behind it.