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He has to have a fan on while he sleeps; I pile on the blankets to compensate.That's not to say race doesn't affect us at all.Modern colour codes such as those used for domestic electrical wiring (brown, blue and green/yellow stripe in the UK and black, white and blue/green in the USA) can be used safely by colour-deficient people but are unsuitable for long-distance signalling at night.

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She replied, "I think that issues of race are a larger conversation that people project on a relationship, but for the two people in it, that's not the primary thing on their minds."I had never thought about it that way before, but it struck a chord because it's so true.

Fred and I rarely discuss race because it's not the biggest difference between us. We went to rival colleges: He's a Georgia Tech grad, and I'm a UGA Bulldog.

Rather, it's when we try to ignore the issue that we fail to combat it.

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We still can't sit next to each other on the couch on game day.