Christian borle dating laura

SDD: I heard that you were occasionally booed when you played Hedda. The role that I’m playing in is really close to Colella. It’s also a challenge because I have to trust each and every time that that’s enough.

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“The radiant Laura Benanti, as Elsa Schraeder, can now be certfied as as an expert spelunker, for the feats of mining she did to surface errant bits of comedy.

When Elsa breaks up with Von Trapp and sulks off stage near the end, you hate to see her go.

This is Borle’s first major motion picture role, following his part as a caddy in the 2010 rom-com The Bounty Hunter.

Fresh off a run on NBC’s Smash, Borle is known to stage fans for his Broadway turns in shows like Peter and the Starcatcher (Tony Award), Legally Blonde, Mary Poppins, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Spamalot.

She has also starred alongside some of the biggest names in the Broadway and has become an integral personality and icon in the theatre community. I’m attracted to La Chanze’s character, Kate, because she is in love with life and full of life and I find that magnetic. It’s going to be a cool, contemporary lesbian relationship to show on the Broadway stage. Tom Kitt and I are rehearsing in the same room where we met doing 11 years ago, which was my first Broadway show and his as well. There’s a part of you that feels like you’ve known them your whole life. And then when they comprised this amazing cast…what’s cool about being in the business for a minute, which I have been, I’ve worked with a lot of them. Had it been all boos and no applause, I think my ego would have been a little hurt, but it was a nice mix of the two. The scripts were available like twenty minutes before we did it.