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Believing that Leeza did not pursue their relationship because of his being blind, Danny becomes depressed and stops taking the necessary tests for his brain surgery. He sees his family's faces for the first time, but not Leeza's, who was away, reluctantly preparing for her marriage.

Soon the experiment proves to be a failure, as the fragile prosthesis in his brain moves, clouding his already weak vision, and Danny goes back to being blind.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood are indeed a real-life couple.

Before ET's confirmation, fans began to speculate that Karamel had sparked a real-life romance after the two were spotted together on several occasions, walking their dogs, traveling during their off-time, and even holding hands.

You probably remember the 28-year-old hottie as the guy you hate to love and love to hate on co-star/longtime girlfriend, Hanna Mangan Lawrence, earlier this year.