Cam hookups

In the first few years of racing at the facility, riders and mechanics were met with a combination of altitude and summertime heat that not only made it physically difficult on them but caused the fuel in the motorcycles to literally boil.

Unique to Model: Stereo sound recording, a Carl Zeiss Tessar premium lens coupled with a 13.5 megapixel Exmore CMOS chip, and the patented, proven Steady Shot stabilization give crisp sound and exemplary image clarity.

Overlay the internally generated GPS data on action video to spice up presentations.

"And, three, identifying any deficiencies in the program to make policy change, or to do individual coaching with people." Blong Yang, the chair of the Minneapolis City Council's Public Safety Committee, said the body camera usage appeared low and he was seeking an explanation.

Thunder Valley Motocross Park was founded in June of 1999, promoter David Clabaugh couldn't have known how appropriate his track's name would become.

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