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I honestly thought that everyone inside was secretly bursting with the yearning to do a great job on they laid their hands to – and only poor management stopped America from being a wonderful place, where even the poorest septic tank cleaner looked forward joyfully to scraping that last bit of fecal residue off of the bowl.

In polished stainless steel, with round body and a strange profile to spout and handle, it is an industrial design classic (hence the hefty price tag) and a paean to machine manufacture. Hackney Empire Teapot: £70, House of Hackney have made a name for themselves putting a modern twist on British classics.

The Hackney Empire teapot is made in bone china, and decorated with a range of fantastical animals that take on human habits: a smoking sloth, a frog in a bowler hat and a badger enjoying a drink. Denby Monsoon Jerez Teapot: £35, The charming Jerez teapot – adorned in a knit-like array of concentric patterns of hearts, shapes and flowers – is designed for china specialists Denby by high-street fashion retailer Monsoon.

When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we wanted to keep it simple, elegant, and most importantly under budget.

So we were a little shocked when our caterer quoted us her lowest price of $35 per person for dinner – not including alcohol.

A blue and white pattern of tangled blackberries around the round sides and lid give it some vintage charm, reminding us of big breakfasts in old-fashioned B&Bs. Marimekko Saapaivakirja Teapot: £74, uk Finnish illustrator Maija Metsola’s teapot belongs to the Weather Diary collection for Marimekko.