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And tonight: Three judges in contempt for letting child molesters walk free, no hard jail time. JORAN VAN DER SLOOT, ARRESTED AND RELEASED IN HOLLOWAY CASE: She was drunk. ARLENE ELLIS-SCHIPPER, ARUBAN ATTORNEY: God forbid that they cannot determine what criminal offense has been committed. BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: We will not let this go until we take Natalee home. (END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: Can the case of this girl, Natalee Holloway, be solved nearly one year later? And will all of this put together, perhaps something new and maybe an answered prayer for this poor family. GRACE: Now, Beth, when you have spoken with Natalee`s friends, what have they told you about the night she went missing? ALISON ARNGRIM, MOLESTATION VICTIM: I`m appalled but not surprised in the least. I know of about several more judges than the three you`ve mentioned. We`re also seeing a terrible problem with prosecutors, Nancy, who, unlike you, are walking people every day.

Tiny steps, baby steps, but could they have a giant impact in the investigation or a disappearance of a U. BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Nancy, they haven`t told me anything different today as they did July the 29th, that first time I came home. Less than 5 percent of cases even wind up before these judges. You have a mindset where people really don`t think that crimes against children are deserving of the same level of justice as other crimes.

On December 26, 1996, six-year-old Jon Benét Ramsey was found dead in her family’s home in Boulder, Colorado.

Police suspicion immediately fell on her parents John and Patsy, who claimed that their daughter had been abducted.

Here are the dirty details of the grandmother/grandson story we mentioned: Back when she was 18, Pearl Carter, now 72, gave up Phil Bailey's mother for adoption.