Baby daddy cast dating

They would have good reason to deny it, or keep it on the DL, however; Cueva could be fired for engaging in a relationship with Lowry.If you watch Teen Mom 2 online, you know that the producers - atypical of most reality shows - are often akin to cast members themselves.DESCRIPTION:(from Freeform's press release, May 2017) After a renowned six-season run and 100 episodes, the People's Choice Award-winning comedy "Baby Daddy" will come to a close and air its series finale on MONDAY, MAY 22 (- p.m. "The 'Baby Daddy' cast and crew are truly remarkable, and together it has been a joy to watch our characters' lives unfold on screen over the past six seasons," said creator and executive producer Dan Berendsen.

When she tries to leave after helping them, Danny blackmails her by using her crush on Ben.

He tells Ben to tell her not to leave and Ben agrees and hugs Riley.

Sources who know both actors confirmed to BOSSIP that the pair are indeed an item and that James is the father of Sumpter’s baby.

Nick’s resume isn’t quite as impressive as Tika’s, the actor born Nicholas James Muscarella did a fair share of modeling and has had previous roles in “Prom Night” and “Fired Up!

(And Young also didn’t allow his name to be associated with the show: he’s referred to only as “a current Los Angeles player” on VH1’s website, though the site does note that Keonna and Nick were high school sweethearts.) Bonnie-Jill Laflin is best-known for being the first female scout in NBA history.