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That compares to adults where one-fourth of women who date and one-seventh of men who date experience dating abuse or violence.

Harrow is a martial artist who loves Aikido and a marketing strategist by trade.

" Delivering the no-go message could have grave importance.

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How you present yourself matters, so Susan Harrow teaches teenage girls to stand up straight and make good eye contact.

She coaches them to speak with a forceful, no-nonsense voice.

“Part of the reason things went so far south was that people thought, ‘it’s just a couple of kids, it’s not a big deal, it will blow over.’ We couldn’t get any help, and the situation escalated and went out of control,” Bobbi says.

Just a couple of weeks after Kaity was killed, Bobbi’s neighbor, a professor of women’s studies at Arizona State University, asked Bobbi if she would share Kaity’s story at a symposium on domestic violence.

A month later, he assaulted her at school and Kaity and her family got an injunction against harassment to help protect her. A few weeks later, while Kaity was walking home from school, her ex-boyfriend shot and killed her before turning the gun on himself and committing suicide. “She was a victim of teen dating violence in the worst imaginable way,” says her mother, Bobbi Sudberry.