Are debby ryan and chris galya dating

” Also in attendance were KJ‘s godmother Cassie Scerbo, Debby Ryan, Logan Browning, Francia Raisa, Mitchel Musso, Mason Musso, Allen Evangelista, Skyler Shaye, Chris Galya, Wilmer Valderrama, Savvy and Mandy, and Tiffany‘s castmates Allisyn Arm, Doug Brochu, Matthew Scott Montgomery, and Damien Haas.

Guests enjoyed treats from Wonka Candy, gift bags including Palmers Cocoa Butter, and drinks from Hansen Soda. @The Real Tiffany @Chris GCarney @Jared Eng @Just Jared @Just Jared JR!

Zac Efron lends his support to pals Tiffany Thornton and Chris Carney for their son-to-be KJ Carney‘s Rock N’ Roll Royal Baby Shower held in Beverly Hills on Saturday (June 30).

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Maia:(pulls into her parking spot) Okay this is the freshman parking Debby:(climbs out seeing sees a dirty run down parking lot) yeah I could guess that(sees men walk out) Uh hi Guy1:(grabs the bags) Welcome to The University of California we will take your stuff to your dorms just tell us your names Debby:(sighs) Debra and Maia Ryan are the girls Cole Sprouse is the fella over there Guy2: I will take the nerd you take the girls Cole: I am not a nerd I am skater nerd(smirks) Guy 2: Still counts(grabs the stuff marked Cole)Welcome again we say(walks away acting like a jerk) Maia: He seemed really like an ass Guy1: Hey thats my best friend(looks at the charts throws their stuff on because he was upset they insult his friend) Lets go girls Debby:(follows him looks at Maia and walks to see the room say Maia, Selena, and Crystal) Bye Maia(hugs her cousin) Guy:(unlocks the door hands Maia the key and then throws her stuff in) lets go other Ryan(walks away) Maia:(growls) ASSHOLE(slams her door) Debby: Why are you being so rude sense you first saw us?

Guy1:(sighs walks to the elevator presses the button) get on(lets the doors shut behind her) You are fresh losers Fresh losers get on my nerves being all snotty and shit Debby:(sighs) I am not snotty thank you(walks off with the guy) where is my room?

Her agent gave her the opportunities to be on the Suite Life on Deck.

Ryan is best known for her work as Bailey Pickett in the Disney Channel Original Series The Suite Life on Deck.

Girl2: I believe so EW(laughs) Ross:(pouts and sees the girl they are meeting mouth drops) Chris: woah Cole: Hey Deb and THE LEAD SINGER OF THE PRETTY RECKLESS?