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The lamps reflect American society, manufacturing technology and entrepreneurial spirit in the beginning of the 1900's.

The startup costs were minimal when it comes to purchasing burners imported from Germany and placing them on brass lamp bodies manufactured in the US.

In times of high interest in politics in general and womens' roles and choices in specific , it is more than time for Shelly Zegart's "Old Maid, New Woman" article to be publicly available for the first time since it was originally publsihed in Quilt Digest in 1986.

Susan Elizabeth Daggett, for whom the quilt was made to celebrate her 30th birthday, chose to remain single in the 1870's, as did a surprising number of her friends.

I sometimes confuse Heisey Old Colony with Apple Blossom if the only part of the pattern visible is the formal motif between the exuberant blossoms. Old Colony has a flower in the motif and Appleblossom does not.