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She doesn't seem to have much going on lately and this special demonstrates why. If you're someone who is offended by strong language, and laughs at very generic comedians, then this special is for you! About the only thing I can say to recommend this is that at least she's not irritating.

I watched this because I've been going through the stand up specials on Netflix and this was there.

Sabatini was born on May 16, 1970, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her passion for tennis was from her childhood days when she was only six. At the age of thirteen, in 1983 she gained her fame becoming the youngest player winning Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida.

She is the daughter born to Osvaldo Sabatini and Beatriz Garofalo Sabatini. As a junior, she had won six major international titles, which include the French Open girls’ singles.

She does have some decent material that works well with her persona and her confidence and swagger are engaging, so she has plenty to work with as she develops.