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I'm standing here looking at her nameplate on the door working up the courage to knock. I did draw a cock with his name and the word "yum", but I didn't sign that particular work. I opens with an elderly gentleman in a suit seated in his office facing the camera. For the increasing number of young women who are not leaving home, 18 often marks the commencement of age-play with their fathers. The doctor's voice continues over new footage of a young model, maybe twenty, walking in the park with her well attired father. Here now is some footage of Laura, eighteen and three weeks, and still ironing out some common teething problems feeding from her father Joseph. On Ms Compton's screen is a professionally filmed scene of a man in a suit at one end of a white sofa."Come in." She watches me enter over her thick rimmed glasses. There are slow motion close-ups of them holding hands and joyously hugging. Children who are breast fed by their mothers are generally better adjusted as children. There is a girl in a school uniform curled on her side with her head in his lap.

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And she has her own private office, with air conditioning, so must be high up in the system in ways us students can't know. I'm referring to the secret lounge where girls can take naps." "No, I don't know about that Ms Compton." "Your father has asked that we provide you a nap time each day. A nap can help you rejuvenate by being allowed to feel, well, like a baby, then face the rest of your day as the adult that people expect you to be. " "An afternoon nap would be great Ms Compton." "It confirms all my hard work to hear you say that Vanessa. You know your mother nursed you to help you transition from being a baby to being a child. I'm going to go out of the room and leave you to watch a film on my computer.

She is in her mid forties but is still the best looking teacher in our whole school. We know girls your age get an awful lot of pressure put upon you when suddenly in the eyes of the law you're an adult. " "Okay Vanessa, come around here and sit in my chair.

***** This has been the shittiest ever Monday morning at school. Oh and I've hardly had any sleep because of this crazy hot weather. "Take a seat Vanessa." She gathers her elbows together on her desk and leans forward. " I can't believe I've been busted for writing on the backs of toilet doors. So, a few years ago I applied for funding to have a girls' rest room established here in the admin block where none of your classmates can see the girls coming and going, or see the girls' fathers arriving from the car park behind me." "Fathers? The program gives your father a turn to nurse you through the next big transition." "So my dad is going to come here? You may find it a little confrontational, but please watch it to the end and I'll be back in a while.