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and should not be used to verify or transfer ownership.

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The collection authority (Collector’s Office) is responsible for collecting the amount of tax assigned to each property owner.

Board of Assessment Review – 5 Year Term 09/30/2018 Andy Belkevich 09/30/2020 Brenda Wells 09/30/2016 Pamela Rafferty 09/30/2017 Frederick Hammann 09/30/2019 Steven Dunn The STAR Property Tax Relief Program has changed.

If you are dissatisfied with the results of your informal review, you may file a formal complaint on or before Grievance Day.

Form RP-524 (3/09) is available in the Assessor's Office and online at https://ny.gov/pdf/current_forms/orpts/rp524_fill_As your assessor I am dedicated to maintaining a fair and equitable assessment roll each year.

Property improvement status and condition, as of this date, will be the basis for the coming assessment cycle April 1 – ALL TAXES BECOME COUNTY LIENS AND MUST BE PAID TO THE COUNTY TREASURER April 15 – (from July 1 to this date) the Assessor determines the values for this year’s Tentative Assessment Roll May 1 – Tentative Assessment Roll is filed containing all values and exemptions for the next tax year.

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